Advance Consciousness Trainings

Discover the Underlying Biological Principles of our Consciousness



Are you disillusioned with the possibilities of medicine and psychology? Have you often wished to be able to do more for your patients?
If you have the desire to help people more comprehensively than before, this could be the answer for you. Learn to eliminate trauma, emotional, and physical pain based on a proven model of the human consciousness. Help your clients faster 



As a coach you are great at challenging your client with profound questions intended to allow them to change. Most of your clients will struggle more or less to achieve this change.
But what if you could help them with quick and profound solutions to overcome their inner resistance and easily implement the solutions they found with your help?



Are you courious what makes humans tick? Have you found yourself wondering why some people seem to live in agony most of the time while others naturally seem to possess some form of bliss? Have you perhaps heard of  Peak States of Consciousness and want to know more about it? Are there really permanent Peak States? And would you like to get to know and apply a model of consciousness?

I believe humanity is intended for a higher purpose than what we presently witness on this planet. I believe that we can overcome negativity, greed and war by growing our consciousness into more and more peakstates, releasing past and present trauma on the way. Be part of those who tip the scale to bring true harmony and peace for the whole planet!


AdvanceConsciousness Training

Participate in this course that offers wide theoretical and practical material in a cutting edge area of psychology. This makes for fast results for clients based on a clear model allowing precise selection of easy techniques to the immediate benefit of your patients and clients.
You will:

  • Find about the three fundamental models this new area of psychology is based on. This gives you a clear orientation of how to map your clients' experience.
  • Discover the biological structure that leads to a less than calm, peaceful, and relaxed state of being in the present. This allows you to always notice whenever some inner work might be indicated to feel better.
  • Integrate various techniques and know when to use them. Your own experience in every technique will make all the difference in how you relate to your clients.
  • Practice with test clients, so you gain experience and confidence in guiding your clients through their sessions.
  • Understand the difference between normal consciousness and Peak States of consciousness and learn a simple way to turn Peak Experiences into Peak States
  • Form a network of peers to support each other, so that whenever you stumble people are there to help you out.
  • Get connected to the institute’s staff members who are here to support your practice with clients once you are a licensed Peak State practitioner. This is a great resource since we have staff members all over the globe making it very likely they are available to just about any time to you.
  • And so much more …

What my Students and Clients say:

I contacted Ingka in order to heal my suffering due to a sexual abuse while I was a child. For me it was a taboo, I wasn’t able to speak about this traumatic experience... I felt ashamed, worthless with a lot of other awfull feelings... Finally I shared this with my partner and he gave me the contact of Ingka. She helped me very quickly, with lot of skills and kindness to heal this issue... After getting rid of all these feelings, the results were amazing: more love, self confidence and I’m also able to feel more pleasure in life... With Gratitude

Sara from Switzerland

Whole Hearted Healing is different, in that it can really get lasting results in a more profound way than anything I’ve experienced so far. The technique helped me work on emotions I couldn’t deal with in any other type of therapy

Gaetan Klein

As an example of how the models of my work can be applied in daily life I have prepared this e-book for you.

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