Modified Creative Visualization Technique

Take a few moments to relax.
Take a few deep breaths and feel your muscles relax more and more.
Now imagine another version of yourself standing in front of you. This is your future Self, it is the most wonderful you that you can imagine – the real you. It radiates fantastic energy, vitality, health, joy of life, optimism. It already has achieved everything you long for.
Take a moment to feel completely happy with the other self.
Take a very close look at how this other you is standing, moving, smiling, breathing and speaking. How does the other you talk to other people? See how the other you solves problems and achieves goals with ease. This real you is confident, motivated, loved, completely happy and full of energy.
Now stand behind this other you.
Step into this other self and completely merge with it. You look through the eyes of future self, you hear with the ears of this you, and you feel how good it feels to live as the real you.
Take a few minutes to imagine your perfect future. See yourself in your mind’s eye as you live more and more of your “authentic self”. Enjoy this visualization and imagine your life exactly in such a way that it is absolutely perfect for you. This is how you want it to be – this is how it is. Feel it like it is all happening in the present. 
Now you look back at your self that you left behind in the past. Do you want to say something to the old you? Maybe give yourself some advice?
Finally step back into this current self. Keep your future self in your awareness and feel the connection between both of you. This connection automatically informs you how to become your future self.

If at any point during this visualization exercise you experience uncomfortable feelings or body perceptions, take the time to do Tapping, Generational Trauma and possibly Body Association Technique with this feeling so that you feel totally comfortable both with your current and future self. 
You can repeat this exercise as often as you want.feel

The original technique was created by Maxwell Maltz, the inventor of Psycho-Cyberkinetics. Ingka has modified it to combine with trauma therapy and manifestation techniques.