When to do the technique:
Generational trauma has by far the most impact on how we feel. Therefore it is smart to check for generational trauma any time you do not feel Calm, peaceful, lightweight, bright and large/expanded.

How to do the technique:
Imagine your family tree standing behind you, the parents are closes, then the grandparents, then their parents and grandparents and so forth. Feel your symptom and ask “Who also had this problem, with whom did it originate”. Focus on the earliest ancestor who had this problem. Sometimes there are several lines who had the problem. Look at all of them in a positive, loving attitude and tap. Eventually you will notice the connection between the ancestor and your symptom releasing.

There are several variations of this techniqe possible. For example, some people like to imagine the family try in front of them. That is also ok, as long as you notice your symptom actually shifting. I like the version to have the ancestors behind me, because I can simultaneously check kinesthetically by leaning backwards. I feel if the ancestors hold/support me, or if I fall backwards when I lean into the family tree. When I fall through, this is an ancestral line that needs healing.