Tribal Block Technique

When to use the technique:
Use the Tribal Block technique any time you experience an emotional activation or distraction that keeps you from doing what you set out to do (e.g. do the SMT Process).

How to do the technique: 

Move your CoA (attention, awareness) behind your navel. Imagine the navel is a round window with strong glass, like a porthole (window in a ship), and you can see what is going on outside.

Note the images outside and the emotions coming from the space outside the window.

Make yourself like air or invisible for those emotions, so that they go through you without making you react.

If you are still triggered or activated, work with your (emotional) reaction.  Treat it like any trauma: find the location in your body that has a physical symptom and tap. Once the activation is gone you can return to your original task. There may also be generational traumas involved – you should check by using the Pizza Slice technique.

Note: Do the Tribal Block Technique only as long as it takes for you to be able to continue your original plan (e.g. work on the SMT Process). This process works on clearing the distraction that keeps you from achieving your goal.