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As a coach you help people improve their performance, their relationships, their lives.
Your highest calling is to support them in their wish to lead a more functional, fulfilling and happy life. But have you noticed how much trouble your clients have, to get out of their comfort zone? How they struggle to stay on track? It can be quite a challenge to overcome their resistance to their own greater good. 

This is where knowing the models and methods that the Institute for the Study of Peak States teaches come in absolutely handy.

Here you will learn some tools that you won’t find anywhere else –  so that your clients reach their goals so much easier and quicker.

Peak States Therapy ties in with the deep rooted desires of your clients for happiness and better states of being.

You will learn modalities that help them overcome negative beliefs or habits that keep them stuck. Being able to provide surefire antidotes will make your work even more satisfying.

This course is uniquely structured for seasoned coaches who are committed to helping people and practitioners who are attracted to this work and who can align with the ultimate goal of the ISPS of bringing better quality of life to mankind. We believe this training is a calling rather than just another therapy to add to your list.

What my Students Say

What was special about the training for me was that it not only taught me the necessary knowledge and tools, but also made me stronger and more self-confident as a person. I was able to resolve problems that seemed insurmountable to me before. I can highly recommend Ingka's training to anyone who understands that inner work is not just something that patients and clients have to do, but that your own personal development work is an important factor for a therapist to be able to support their clients well. To this day I use the acquired techniques successfully on myself as well as on my clients.
Dr. D. Zeiss
I feel like a completely new person after the ISPS training with Ingka. The training included healing many of my own issues, greatly enriching my quality of life on multiple levels. What was special about the ISPS training for me was combining genius knowledge about the causes of our psychological problems with teaching of effective and fast techniques. I very much enjoy being able to do that not only with my patients, but also apply on myself. Ingka holds the space with serenity and commitment and showed a lot of flexibility and competence, reacting positively to questions and any topics that popped up.
Johanna Sach
Training on the ISPS trauma therapy course with Ingka has been a wonderful experience. The techniques take my client work to a whole different level as I can deal with many issues that normal EFT can't touch. It's also been hugely beneficially to my own personal work. Ingka is a great trainer, always approachable and very patient and clear in her teaching style. To be honest finding the ISPS training has been life changing for me.
Gilli Moorhawk
Author, EFT practioner, ISPS therapist specializing in infertility, sexuality, long term impact of birth trauma.