This course packs the major trauma healing techniques discovered by the Institute for the Study of Peak States as well as their models of consciousness into a well rounded course. After completing the course and fulfilling the licensing requirements you will be part of an international community of therapists and able to work with clients whose issues leave others stumped.

Enrolment closes on April 12th, 2021

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Course overview

The Foundations:
Becoming a Licensed Peak State Trauma Therapist

This course addresses professionals in the medical, psychological and therapeutical field. It packs the major ISPS trauma healing techniques as well as their models of consciousness into a well rounded course.

NOTE: Prerequisite for participation is having completed a minimum of 3 client sessions before the start of the training. Please discuss this with Ingka, if you have not done that yet.

After completion of this course and fulfilling the licensing requirements you may not only join an international community of therapists but will also be able to work with clients whose issues leave others stumped.

The course is flexible to adapt to students’ progress. Classes are spaced to facilitate optimal integration and to be compatible with the students’ family and work schedules.

I try to make my courses affordable in all countries, so your price for the course will be determined by the cost of living in your country of residence. Please enquire during your free talk with me.

Within 3 full weeks of in-presence training or the equivalent in online lectures, lessons and exercises the following modules will be covered:

Course Modules

Time Required:  approx. 2.5 days

This course covers triune brains, triune brain therapy, and unusual situations that can occur during regressions. Triune brain therapy is a unique way of working with your sub-personalities.

  • Content Overview:

    • The Peak State paradigm
    • Triune Brain Therapy
    • The Focusing Technique
    • Projection Exercise
    • Triune Brain shutdown and its consequences
    • Crown Brain structures – a special case
    • Dominant brains
    • Practical sessions getting to know your triune brains

Time Required: approx. 7 days

This course teaches the Institute’s basic regression healing process for trauma. This technique, with its emphasis on unusual phenomena and problems of the psyche, is the basis for peak state techniques.

  • Course Content Overview:

    • Review EFT
    • The Center of Awareness CoA)
    • The Out-of-body (OBE) experience
    • Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™
    • Special healing situations
    • Tribal Block Technique
    • Distant Personality Release™ (DPR)
    • When to use WHH vs other therapies
    • Incorporating WHH into EFT
    • Assisting certified therapists doing sessions (min 2)
    • Supervised client sessions (min 3)

Time Required: approx. 5 days

This module integrates your diagnostic skills. Diagnosing is particularly important in Whole-Hearted Healing in order to determine which specific healing technique is appropriate for the client’s presenting symptom.

  • Course Content Overview:

    • Theory of diagnosis
    • Understanding clinic scans
    • Supervised sessions with client 

Time Required: approx. 2 days 

This course covers several more specialized licensed techniques, including Rapid Whole Hearted Healing™ and Waisel Base Emotions.

Course Content Overview:

  • Rapid Whole-Hearted Healing
  • Waisel Base Emotions Technique
  • Image Streaming
  • Supervised sessions with clients

Time Required: approx. 4 days

Identifying core issues requires skill and practice. This module creates the space to heal yourself and to assist others in finding their core issues. They are major trauma caused by emotional and behavioral dysfunction that are difficult to recognize and go unnoticed by the person who has them.

Course Contents

  • Core Issues
  • Bubble Diagnosis and Treatment
  • E-holes and E-Cords
  • Evil: Diagnosis and Treatment
  • The B Problem: Pain/Burning
  • Supervised sessions with clients

Time Required: approx. 1 day

This course gives you explicit training in working with private practice clients. We also cover how to do ‘charging for results’ and liability issues.

Time Required: approx. 1 day

The Certification procedure includes an oral knowledge test and a practical exam for competence in client work. It also verifies the understanding of the safety regulations and legal requirements for practicing therapists, like liability insurance, understanding of the risks of powerful therapies and knowledge of what to do when something goes wrong. Assessment is done after Course #160 has been completed. Certification will be awarded after successfull assessment and completing the requirements for Licensed ISPS Therapists. The assessor, who for quality assurance is never your teacher, usually charges a fee for assessment

Time Required: approx. 7 days – outside scope of this Training

This is a set of external courses you need to take to make sure that you have some background in conventional therapy problems, like mental illness and suicide, as well as cutting edge material in spiritual emergency. If you have already done these courses in another training recognition of prior learning will be granted.

This module is intended to support you in your preparation for your assessment, if you intend to become an ISPS licensed trauma therapist. It is not taught in a class setting, but rather assumes that you do work with your peers and get back to Ingka as your teacher with any questions that come up in your preparation phase for your assessment. Until your allocated assessor takes over, Ingka will be available for additional meetings for individuals or the group of participants to clarify questions and support you in healing issues that are in your way of becoming a licensed ISPS Therapist. This offer is included in your training fee and available up to a max. of 6 months after the end of your training for one meeting per month.

How to Prepare for the Training:

Required Reading

Recommended Reading

Your Post Training Benefits:

  • After having passed your assessment and fulfilling the licensing conditions you are permitted to use the techniques your learned on your clients
  • You will have access to the ISPS therapist website and to new techniques that are published there.
  • You have the option to be listed on the ISPS Therapist website to promote your business
  • You qualify to continue your training with  the Peak States Therapy course 
  • Ingka is available to you up to 6 months after the training to help with any questions or issues you need to work on to pass your assessment.
  • You and your immediate family members receive a 20% price reduction on any processes you do with Ingka after the training is completed.
  • You receive a 50% price reduction on repeat trainings.
  • Depending on your skills you are also elegible to become a training assistant in further trainings. In this case participation will be free of charge.

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