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Frequently Asked Questions:

In a combination of self-paced video instructions, transcrips and worksheets as well as weekly group sessions with Ingka and individual sessions (if necessary) you will get into a new state of being which is even more aligned with what you are trying to achieve with your life.  Together with the knowledge and skill of how to apply the tools you will be given, this will let the projects dear to your heart move forward much faster. 

Over a period of 8 weeks you need to dedicate about 5h each week to integrate both the theorie and practical parts of the program. You will be supported by
– precise video instructions you can watch on practice in your own time. 
– weekly group sessions for you to check in and receive answers to your questions
– individual coaching sessions with one of our team if you are struggling

Ingka is the founder and owner of Advance Consciousness. Her intention is to promote people who have the wellbeing of mankind and of this planet at heart and support them in reaching their goals. She runs a Project in Ghana focused on utilizing Bamboo as a new building material, creating jobs and new skills for the local population as well as beautiful houses and improviing soil and the planet’s green lungs with bamboo farming. Without the state of being (Peak State of Consciousness) she herself found in her path of personal development, she feels she never would have had this idea, much less the courage to actually start this project. She now seeks to increase her life’s contribution by helping other people with a similar mindset to succeed with their projects.