What if all your fears, your anger, your sadness – in fact all your negative feelings – did not go back to faulty parenting, as some popular science would have you believe? What if for all your problems in life essentially there is nobody to blame for. A strange notion. But let’s take this idea a but further: No blame on one side, but on the other side therefore also no guilt!

In conventional therapy, a persons problems are usually considered to stem from problematic parenting. So what happens is that we start blaming our mothers and fathers for the problems we have in life. This rather cements the belief that if only our parents had done right by us, we would not be having all those problems in life. A view that does not leave much space to consider why the parents themselves were less than perfect and develop some compassion for them. This obviously does not make for happy family relations.

But now a guilt and blame free life is in sight. Research has discovered that dysfunctional behaviours actually go back to extremely early developmental stages that were not completed properly. This is often an epigenetic problem, which accounts for the fact, that your parents had an issue with these feelings as well. The good new is that we have found a way how to heal the faulty epigenetic expressions that lead to a negative feeling. A simple body awareness technique, combined with visualisation and tapping on a meridian point can help to eliminate a particular problematic feeling and restore peace in yourself and help to relate better to others, including your family members.