A simple healing technique with Meridian Tapping

  • Concentrate on the emotion and the physical sensations in your body when you are activated.
  • Evaluate the intensity of your symptoms on a scale from 0-10 (10=maximum)
  • Tap on the 9 Gamut Point for 3minutes and evaluate your intensity again. 
  • If the intensity has decreased, continue until the intensity goes down to 0 and go on for 3 minutes more after that!
  • If you are not making any progress, intermittently tap on karate-chop point.
  • This will work on about 70-80% of all cases, if done correctly.

Calm, peaceful and light (weightless): This is the endpoint we are aiming for with every issue we are tapping on. Often the feeling can even  become expanded and bright inside. Stopping too early is the number 1 mistake with this technique.