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Peak States Therapy is a set of tools designed to let you access the biological causes for trauma and less than optimal states of consciousness and eliminate these causes on a one by one basis. 

First – did you already do the free 30min call with Ingka? This makes sense so you get to know each other and explore how this training will serve you.
Next you would need to have a minimum of 3 sessions in this modality under your belt. The reason being that we’d like you to find out if this kind of work really suits you before you actually start the course. You can book your 3 sessions package here.

You would then receive the enrollment form from Ingka and indicate your preference for a live online training or an in-presence training and whether you would need a German, French, or Spanish translation for the course. Ingka will keep you posted about the next training dates if have given your email to receive more info.

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