get a taste of this Method

This is for you if you are interested in taking one of my trainings. You want to make sure you know roughly what this is about so you can make an informed decision when it comes to signing up for a training with me. Are we a good match? Is the method something you enjoy working with? All these questions will be answered in these 3 sessions.

goal of this program

The goal of this package is for you to find out if working with this modality suits you well enough to invest your time and money into the intensive and extensive professional Peak State training. After all, we both want you to be happy with your choice. It would be very unfortunate should you only find out smack in the middle of a course that it is not what you wanted.

Doing these three sessions will also let you experience that these sessions can look very different, no two are really the same. And finally these sessions give you a glimpse into the toolbox of options and variety of techniques you can learn in the training

What happens during
a session

During the session I will guide you through some body awareness exercises and ask you to tell me your perception. Most people can do that right away.
Depending on what you wish to work on, I will select the appropriate technique and let you know how to apply it. There is no need for lengthy analytical conversations about the story of your life and how your parents are the source of your problems etc.

The key is that we stop avoiding our feelings and allow them the space they need to be processed and thus eliminated. I focus more on the body sensations than the emotions, even though both have their place within most sessions.
The reason for this is that most people are scared to be overwhelmed by their emotions, that once they open that box, there will be no way to shut the lid again. So by focusing on the physical aspect where the issue manifests in your body, letting go of the issue becomes much easier and quicker than you think.

A session usually ends with you being in a very relaxed and peaceful state of mind and at least a part of your issue resolved. You will notice that by the fact that memories connected to your issue will no longer feel painful or stress you out. The good news then is, that you will also no longer feel emotionally triggered in any similar events in the future. In contrast to some other modalities there will be no need to manage any mental realisations or intentionally modify your behaviour. The Problem will simply have vanished from your life.


what this is not

This comparatively small programme – although a great start –  is not the place to resolve lifelong issues and restrictions in your life that you have tried to resolve for a long time with various other modalities. I recommend you to tackle this kind of problem in a more comprehensive setting, like the Personal Transformation program.

what Do I need

To do a session online with me you will only need a comfortable place where you can sit relaxed without interruptions, a good internet connection and a device with a video camera and microphone.
I will also ask you to give me some background info on you in preparation and your contact details, so that in case we get interrupted by technical issues, we can still get in touch with each other.

"During the first 3 sessions before the training I had a chance to find out that this training is highly interesting for me. In those sessions I was able to solve problems that seemed unsurmountable before and achieved a beautiful state of calmness and relaxation. "
" ISPS Trauma Therapy is different, in that it can really get lasting results in a more profound way than anything I’ve experienced so far. The technique helped me work on emotions I couldn’t deal with in any other type of therapy."

Your Investment for the 3 Pre-Training Sessions (save ca. 30% over the single session)

Early Bird

Book your sessions* before the 3-month enrolment period for the next training starts


Book your sessions* during the 3-month enrolment period before a training

Last Minute

Let’s squeeze your three sessions* in even after enrolment period for the training has expired

* Sessions may vary in length but an average duration is 60-90 minutes

Refund Policy

I will refund you the standard price (independently of how much you paid) if you participate in a training with me within one year of your first session. Also, should it turn out during the first session that you are having problems to work with this modality and achieve no results at all I would assume that this modality is not for you and refund your money.