Dopo i moduli e le valutazioni precedenti, ora imparerai le tecniche don i “comandi di Gaia” per acquisire stati di picco di coscienza (processi per gli stati di picco)
L’enfasi in questo corso è sull’uso di queti stati per guarire sè stessi e sulla modalità con cui guidare i clienti attraverso i processi per gli stati di picco


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Peak States (approx. 7 days) – online course

Having been assessed for proficiency in the previous modules,  you will now learn Gaia command techniques to acquire Peak States of consciousness (Peak State Processes). The emphasis is on using these states for healing oneself and how to guide clients through Peak State processes.

NOTE: Participation requires previous certification after completion of the Peak State Trauma Therapist course

Course Modules

Learn about the fundamental concepts of Peak States and the biological basis for them. Then apply your new knowledge to turning peak experciences into permanent states of consciousness.

Become adept in facilitating this incredibly useful state. It comes in a format that allows you to guide your clients and patients to the developmental event that is causal for this state. Your clients will have less procrastination and better relationships in their life as a result.

This state allows you to communicate with much more ease with others. It is also a supportive state to allow for a better merge of the subunits of your psyche.

In our work, we describe Inner Peace as the absence of activation from past traumas in your present experience. Learning how to facititate this for your clients will help them to be much calmer in general and exspecially in stressful situations.

Integrating this process into your life will allow you to make better decisions and handle trauma that would influence your decision making. Being able to offer this to your clients will give those that are aware of the concept of a life path a tool to live in their purpose.

Learn how to connect with this state and help also clients in spiritual crises how to completely integrate the state and achieve increased functionality in daily life. 


This is the practical aspect of the Peak State Therapy course where you observe your peers and practice yourself what you have learnt. You will get instant feedback both from me and your test-clients, so that you will feel confident in delivering these states once you do them in your own practice.

The Peak States certification procedure includes an oral knowledge test and a practical exam for competence in client work. It also verifies the understanding of the safety regulations and legal requirements for practicing therapists, like liability insurance, understanding of the risks of powerful therapies and knowledge of what to do when something goes wrong.
The assessor, who for quality assurance purposes is never your teacher, usually charges a fee for assessment.
Graduates sign a licensing agreement with the institute and pay a yearly licensing fee or royalties for the licensed processes. Certification is done after all requirements for practicing as ISPS Peak State Therapists are fulfilled.


" The benefits from Peak States Therapy have been really significant including healing attachment issues that were keeping me in a damaging relationship. For me having the Inner Peace state means I no longer get stuck in negative issues. Now I may be stressed for 24 hours at most when difficult and challenging events occur, but after that I’m back on an even keel. "
Gilli, London
Author & EFT​ practitioner

Special Offers

  • You and your immediate family members receive a 20% price reduction on any processes you do with Ingka after the training is completed.
  • You receive a 50% price reduction on repeat trainings.
  • Depending on your skills you are also elegible to become a training assistant in further trainings. In this case participation will be free of charge.