Term and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

My trainings are designed specifically for currently practicing therapists, 25 years and older, with a goal of becoming a licensed therapist with the Institute for the Study of Peak States, joining our international network. Alternatively, the Life Path process may have been completed to become a therapist.

Lessons will be in English with translations into German, Italian and French available upon prior request. The training manual is in English and ideally participants should be able to confer with future ISPS colleagues in basic english



Prices are based on place of residency. Please refer to the booking page  to find the price for your country.
Your seat is saved only after receipt of the payment in full or first installment.

Cancelation Policy:

A participant may cancel up to 14 days prior to the start date with a cancelation fee of 200€. (The remainder of the down payment will be refunded.) If cancelation is a result of health or family issues preventing completion of the training the participant will be refunded 80% of the total fee for the number of days missed. The participant is encouraged to participate in the next training at a negotiated reduced rate. Missing training due to unresolved psychological issues does not constitute grounds for refund. In such cases we will do our best to help you through your issue, but will require full training fees to be paid.


Practice Sessions:

In order to integrate and practice the material taught during the training sessions free time will be provided with supervision. Participants are encouraged to invite friends as clients in advance for practice sessions online via Skype or Zoom etc. during the second week of training. These practice sessions will be incorporated into your training sessions. Please be sure to collect your practice client’s contact details for themselves and a backup buddy using the forms provided by Ingka.



for in-presence trainings: comfortable clothing for sessions according to climate swim wear, mosquito repellant, sun screen etc.

Please contact Ingka to register, answer any questions or address any concerns.
Ingka M. Enyan